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World of Warcraft Guild Creation Community

World of Warcraft Guild Creation Community
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Need signatures for your WoW guild charter? Post requests here!
Tired of running around Ironforge or Orgrimmar trying desperately to get your guild charter signed?
You've come to the right place! Just make a post with the required information (listed below), and once you've got enough signatures, please edit your post to reflect that you're done (strikethrough the text or add a line at the end of the post)

Simple and easy, so get guilding!

Required information:

Server/Realm (US/EU):
Racial starting area:
Your character:
How long will you be on:
Guild name: (I ask for this because people might not want to sign a charter for a guild called "Hitler Rox" or something like that)

Questions? Contact sign(dot)my(dot)charter(at)gmail(dot)com